Free Professional Golf Tip

In this weeks feature we are going to talk about BALANCE:

Balance is the foundation of any golf swing.  If you are in balance throughout your swing you have a much better chance at getting your club face back to the ball in a square position, if you are out of balance your swing will lose its rhythm and will fall apart.

Here are 3 places in your swing to make sure your balance is in check:

Address:  When you are addressing the ball your weight should be distributed evenly in both feet (50/50)

Backswing:  At the top of your backswing make sure that your right leg (back leg) has not straightened, keep it bent through the back swing.  When it starts to straighten you can lose balance.

Follow-through: Your swings momentum will carry you through the ball to your finish.  When you are holding your finish almost all of your weight should be transferred onto your left leg (front leg), your buttons on your polo and your pants should both be pointed at the target, and your back foot should be up and resting slightly on the tips of your toes.

Here is a drill to help you achieve good balance in your swing:

Tee your golf ball up slightly and address the ball as usual using a mid-iron.  Then put your feet together still standing the same distance away from the ball and cross your right foot over your left keeping the ball positioned in the middle of your stance.  You will then hit the ball from this position using a half or 3/4 swing.  You will notice right away if you are in or out of balance.  Adjust your swing speed until you can swing in balance.


- Nicole Mendelman Certified Golf Teacher and former touring pro