Free Professional Golf Tip

Hitting Out of a Fairway Bunker:

Here are some tips for when you find yourself in a fairway bunker and quite a long way from the green still:

Out of a fairway bunker your goal is to pick the ball clean (unlike a green side bunker where you want to take lots of sand).  After you have evaluated which club to chose based on how high you have to hit the ball over the lip, you can pick out your line and then step into the shot.  Since we want to pick the ball clean we are going to play the ball further back in our stance (middle of the stance should do), then dig your feet into the sand slightly so you have a good base.  Last thing to think about is during your swing keep your head dead still and keep your eye on the back of the ball through impact.

If you do these easy tips you will be able to consistantly hit solid shots out of the fairway bunkers.

-Nicole Mendelman, Certified Golf Instructor