Want to learn how to hit 2 yardages with the same club?

Have you ever had that moment on the golf course when you get your yardage but it is right in-between your normal yardages that you hit? Should you hit a soft 8 iron or a hard 9? 

Here is a simple way to help with those in-between yardage shots without having to change your swing at all:

Simply grip down on the club so your hands are no longer at the top of the grip but are now in the middle (making the club a bit shorter),  and adjust your stance so you are standing a comfortable distance from the ball.  When you grip down or choke down on the club like this the ball will fly a bit shorter and usually a bit lower.  You will have to hit a few on the range to get a feel for your new choked down distance, but you can do this with every club in the bag, therefore giving you 2 yardages with every club!