How to properly warm-up for a game of golf

This week's blog is all about setting yourself up for success.  I find a lot of my friends are running to the first tee right from their car with no more than 2 minutes to spare.  This is a terrible way to start out your round, you are rushed, frustrated, impatient and out of rhythm before you even start.  Here is what a sound warm-up should look like:

1. Arrive to the course at least 30 minutes before your tee time.

2. Hit the putting green first: Putt to a tee or coin from different distances for about 5 minutes to get a feel for the speed (no need to putt to the cup, you are just getting the speed of the greens). Finish your putting warm-up by hitting 10, 3-foot putts into the cup, keeping your head down and listening for the sound of the putt dropping into the hole.

3.  Hit a few chips to a tee on the green from different surfaces and distances.  Hit a couple from the fringe, the first cut, and the rough.

4. Then head to the range.  You should be starting to feel loose from your chipping and putting but do a few stretches that open up your chest, shoulders, and hips.  Then grab your WEDGE, hit a 10 yard shot followed by a 20 yard shot, then 30 yards, then 40 yards, then 50 yards, then hit 50 yards again, then 40, then 30, then 20 and then 10.  You should then pick out a couple targets and hit some full wedges.  Finally, if you would like, you can grab your driver and hit a few picturing yourself hitting a shot off the first tee box.

*A key to remember about the range is that we are only loosening up our swing, we are not working on our swing!

- Nicole Mendelman, Certified teacher and former tour pro